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A-Tec Wave .22 and .17 Rimfire Sound Moderator


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The A-TEC Wave rimfireair rifle silencer is a high-performance lightweight silencer, designed for rimfire rifles and pistols up to .22 calibre and for air and CO2 weapons. Manufactured in Norway by A-TEC, the silencer is an all-aluminium low-maintenance sealed unit, black anodised. The A-TEC Wave rimfireair rifle silencer weighs only 96 grammes and adds only 120 mm net length to a typical rifle and with a diameter of just 31 mm, it is slim enough to be used with low-mounted telescopic or iron sights. A-TEC rimfireair rifle silencers are available with x20 UNF and -28-UNEF internal threads to fit directly onto a screw-cut rifle or pistol barrel. No-gunsmithing muzzle adapters are also available for some pistols. Performance The A-TEC Wave rimfireair rifle silencer reduces sound emissions by -27 to -36 dBA depending on barrel length, calibre and ammunition type. With subsonic ammunition, the muzzle signature is usually much less than the noise of the bullet or pellet hitting the target. With high velocity rimfire ammunition up to 17 HRM or 22 WRM, the A-TEC silencer substantially reduces the muzzle blast although no silencer can reduce the supersonic bullet flight noise. All rimfire rifles and pistols tested with the A-TEC Wave silencer comply with the latest personal noise exposure limit set by European Directive 200310EC 140 Pa or 137 dBC. A-TEC Wave Moderator Specifications Calibre .22.17 Rimfire, Rimfire Magnum and air weapons Weight 96 g 3 oz Net Length120 mm Mounting barrel thread muzzel mounted Sound Suppression -27 to -36 dBA Overall Length x Diameter 135 x 31 mm Maintenance Interval optional, cleaning only 10,000 rds Warranty 2 years