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The Delta Wolf


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The Delta Wolf heralds the birth of a new family of electronic precharged pneumatic airguns for the decade ahead. The advent of this technology truly reinforces Daystate’s reputation as maker of the world’s most advanced airguns. Nothing like Delta Wolf has been attempted in either the airgun – or firearm – worlds before. FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS OF THE DELTA WOLF AIR RIFLE Delta Wolf is the first Daystate to adopt an advanced tactical form factor that has proven popular with shooters across multiple disciplines – but make no mistake; Delta Wolf the world’s most advanced airgun and represents two years of development and investments that, courtesy of newly-filed patents, will make it a very hard act to follow, let alone actually beat! Building on years of expertise that has already resulted in market-leading electronic rifles such as the Red Wolf and Pulsar, Daystate has taken the concept to the next level. At its electronic heart, the Delta Wolf has next-generation touch screen Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) which enables the selection of pre-set calibre-specific power levels. AVT is also Bluetooth enabled to connect to other devices and is designed to accept future upgrades and technological innovations, helping to make the Delta Wolf future-proof. The incorporation of an onboard chronograph further enables users to customise the Delta Wolf according to their specific needs and different pellets. Users can also adjust the pressure in the Huma-Air regulator and exploit the benefits of the biggest-in-class 34cc plenum, to achieve specific velocities. In addition, a newly designed fast flow valve system improves efficiency and shot count from the 480cc carbon bottle, which takes a 240-bar fill and is removable, allowing a spare to be fitted in seconds. A new design, higher-capacity magazine system taking between eight and 13 shots is cycled with a smooth side-lever cocking action, the lever for which can be swapped to the left in a matter of minutes. Inserted from either side, the Delta Wolf is configured to allow two magazines to be installed and used in concert to effectively double the shot count. In addition to technological advances, the Delta Wolf has a fully modular tactical stock design. Weighing 3.1kg (6.8lbs) for the full-length 600mm barrel version and measuring 840mm (34”)the rifle is available in black or bronze and features an AR-style safety catch and pistol grip that can be swapped out for a compatible after-market alternative. There are under and side-mounted Picatinny accessory rails and a 22mm Picatinny scope rail that can be moved by as much as 150mm to accommodate zero eye relief scopes, like the MTC Optics SWAT Prismatic, as well as a large objective lens, high magnification optics. Additional adjustments to the cheek piece and butt pad, which is compatible with a range of exclusive optional accessories developed by PGS Precision Rifle Services for perfect eye alignment. The Delta Wolf is available with 430 and 600mm ART developed barrels. A 30mm diameter carbon shroud reduces muzzle blast considerably and the addition of a 0db silencer makes the rifle almost silent. Although users of high-powered air rifles, in particular, will value the ability to fine-tune it, the Delta Wolf has also been designed with the UK 12 ft. lbs. shooter firmly in mind, For example, the flexibility of inter-changeable barrels and the onboard chronograph will ensure peak performance within the law. Every component has been painstakingly designed to optimise accuracy and efficiency. The Delta Wolf sets a new standard for others to follow. SPECIFICATION DELTA WOLF DELTA WOLF HP Overall Length (34 ins) 700.0 mm (34 ins) Barrel Length 430 mm (17 ins) 600 mm (23 ins) Cylinder Capacity 480 cc 480 cc Weight (Unscoped) from 3.1 kg (6.8lbs) 3.3 kg (7.2lbs) Available Calibres .177 inch (4.5 mm), .22 inch (5.5 mm) .177 inch (4.5 mm), .22 inch (5.5 mm) & .25 inch (6.35 mm) Loading Magazine Magazine Cocking Side Lever action - reversible Side Lever action - reversible Magazine 13 Shot (.177), 11 Shot (.22) 13 Shot (.177), 11 Shot (.22), 10 Shot (.25), 8 Shot (.30) Fill Pressure Up to 240 BAR (3,480 psi) Up to 240 BAR (3,480 psi) Power / Shots Per Charge 0.303 N/A 95 ft/lb/TBC Power / Shots Per Charge 0.25 N/A 67 ft/lb/TBC Power / Shots Per Charge 0.22 TBC 67 ft/lb/TBC Power / Shots Per Charge 0.177 TBC 31 ft/lb/TBC Trigger Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage. Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage. Safety Manual, Electronic isolation. AR15 type lever Stock Alloy, black anodised or Bronze Cerakote Options PRS accessories 0dB Silencer, Bipod